Evo RS-2 Portable Bicycle Repair Stand

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Elevate your bike maintenance experience with the Evo RS-2 Portable Bicycle Repair Stand, meticulously crafted to blend convenience with efficiency. Offering a versatile clamp height ranging from 41.75'' to 56.75'' (106 to 144 cm), the RS-2 ensures that you can fine-tune your workspace to the ideal level, allowing for comfortable adjustments and repairs. The innovative clamp head smoothly rotates a complete 360°, offering unparalleled access to every part of your bike.

One of the stand's standout features is its articulating jaw clamp, boasting a generously wide opening that promises effortless bike insertion and removal – all it takes is a simple flip of the cam lever. Furthermore, with its micro-adjust capabilities, the clamp head seamlessly accommodates various tube sizes, ensuring a secure hold without compromising on the bike's integrity. The Evo RS-2 is a no-fuss, tool-free solution, designed for easy setup and storage. Constructed with lightweight yet sturdy aluminum, it not only ensures durability but also portability. And with a robust max load capacity of 77 lbs (35 kg), trust the RS-2 to hold your bike steady as you work your magic.
  • Clamp height adjusts from 41.75''- 56.75'' (106 to 144 cm) to allow you to work at a comfortable level
  • Clamp head rotates 360°
  • The articulating jaw on the clamp provides a large clamp opening, allowing the bike to be easily inserted and removed by flipping the cam lever.
  • Clamp head is micro-adjustable to accommodate various tube sizes.
  • No tools required for quick setup and storage
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Product Weight: 13.6 lbs (6.18 kg)
  • Max load capacity: 77 lbs (35 kg)