More Miles, More Memories…We Value Your Time

Welcome to Evo Bicycle, where we guarantee journeys filled with more miles and more memories! We steadfastly stand behind the quality of our bicycles, components, and accessories — introducing "The Evo Guarantee" that ensures you spend more time riding and less time worrying.

Born From Cyclist Passion, Designed For Your Journey

Our Evo Bicycle creations seamlessly blend the experiential wisdom of our dedicated cyclist-designers from Canada and the United States with rigorous engineering. Every design detail is a tribute to the diverse terrains and routes explored by our team, ensuring your rides are powered by a blend of practical know-how and passionate innovation. With "The Evo Guarantee," your adventures are not just assured but cherished.

The Essence of the Evo Guarantee

Your adventures with Evo Bicycle should be boundless. To safeguard your journeys, "The Evo Guarantee" embodies our unyielding commitment to the unrivaled quality and longevity of our products, cementing our promise to ensure that you experience more — more miles, more memories, and more moments in motion.

Pillars of the Evo Guarantee

  • Robust Coverage: Unwavering assurance against manufacturing and material defects for all goods purchased through our online platform of authorized retailers
  • Ease in Claiming: Simply submit via an authorized retailer or by contacting us here, along with proof of original purchase

Determined Durability

  • A steadfast FIVE-YEAR GUARANTEE on all steel and aluminum bike frames
  • A reliable TWO-YEAR GUARANTEE on all Evo branded components and products

Fine Print We Have to Mention

Unbounded Support: Though we don't guarantee compatibility or color match with replacement frames, our steadfast support for your cycling journey persists. Plus, for non-Evo components, we honor their original manufacturer's warranty!

Crystal Clear Exclusions: Transparency is key at Evo Bicycle. "The Evo Guarantee" is thorough yet doesn't cover:

  • Regular wear and tear or damage from improper assembly/neglect
  • Incompatible, unintended components or accessories
  • Purchases from unauthorized dealers or third-party web platforms
  • Modifications (like welding, drilling, or refinishing)
  • Cosmetic imperfections (scratches, chips or paint cracks)

Ensuring Your Tranquility: If products are modified, neglected, misused, or used in competitive settings, the warranty becomes null. "The Evo Guarantee" stands as a testament to our dedication to your cycling endeavors.

Your Assurance, Heartfelt: "The Evo Guarantee" provides you peace of mind, knowing that we are determined to repair or replace a defective item, subject to our discretion, and our pledge extends from the original date of purchase. While we're not responsible for incidental or consequential damages, our relentless commitment to ensuring your satisfaction and safety on your cycling adventure is unwavering!

Embark on Your Journey with Confidence!

Thank you for choosing Evo Bicycle — your companion in creating boundless memories on two wheels. For any more details or assistance, our customer service team is here to help you navigate through your queries and concerns. Enjoy safe, satisfying, and sensational riding with Evo Bicycle!