All EVO® bicycle products are warranted against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship from the date of the original owner’s retail purchase, subject to the limitations covered below. Every EVO bicycle frame and component has a useful life. The length of a product’s life cycle will vary depending on the construction and materials used to produce the product, the maintenance and care the product receives, and the amount and type of use the product is subjected to over its life. Your bike has a specific level of intended use as defined by the ASTM Riding Condition Classification Chart. Failure to adhere to the use cases identified in the ASTM chart will void your bicycles warranty. Please, save your dated receipt as proof of purchase. NOTE: All warranty periods outlined below apply to original owner only

FIVE-YEAR WARRANTY Steel and aluminum frames, all EVO forks

TWO-YEAR WARRANTY EVO branded components including seat posts, stems and handlebars and all other EVO products.  Buy them with confidence.

EVO does not guarantee the compatibility of original components with a warranty replacement frame. EVO is not responsible for parts or labor required to remove and/or refit and re-adjust the product within the bicycle assembly. EVO cannot guarantee a color match to the original frame or component in the event of a replacement. This warranty applies to 2017 and newer model bicycles and covers only EVO branded products. Any other original part or component, including all e-bicycle electronics and batteries, shall be covered by the stated warranty of the original manufacturer. Any products not specifically included above are hereby excluded.

Helmet Crash Replacement

If you crash your helmet within the first year of ownership, EVO® Bicycle will replace it FREE of charge. Just return your helmet to your local EVO dealer with the original receipt and EVO® Bicycle will send you a brand new helmet.


  • Normal wear and tear

  • Damage due to improper assembly or routine follow-up maintenance, competence or experience of the user or assembler

  • Bicycles not assembled or serviced by an authorized EVO dealer

  • Products that have been modified, neglected, used in competition, or for commercial purposes, misused or abused, involved in accidents or anything other than normal use

  • Installation of components, parts, or accessories not originally intended for use with or compatible with EVO frames and components

  • EVO bicycles, frames or components purchased and unauthorized dealer or from third-party internet sites, including auction websites, and regional trading websites (eBay and Craigslist) are not covered under this warranty, even with a receipt

  • Modification of any kind (sanding, grinding, welding, drilled holes, anodizing, refinishing)to the bicycle, frame, or component will void the warranty

  • Wear, scratches, chips and cracks to paint, finish, or coating on all EVO frames and components

  • Bent or broken derailleur hangers

  • Labor required to remove and/or refit and re-adjust the product within the bicycle assembly