Evo HWS-1 Hex Wrench Set
Evo HWS-1 Hex Wrench Set


Evo HWS-1 Hex Wrench Set

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Elevate your bicycle maintenance game with the Evo HWS-1 Hex Wrench Set, an essential tool tailored for cycling enthusiasts. Specifically designed to fit the vast majority of hex bolts found on bicycles, this set offers a comprehensive range of sizes from 2mm to 6mm, ensuring you're always prepared. Not just a toolset, the convenient storage carrier is thoughtfully designed to double as a handle, offering ease of use and efficient storage. Whether you're doing a quick tune-up or a complete overhaul, the Evo HWS-1 Hex Wrench Set ensures you have the right tool at hand for precision adjustments.
  • For use with majority of Hex bolts found on a bicycle
  • 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6mm Hex
  • Convienent storage carrier doubles as a handle
End Type Ball
Tool Size Set
Misc 2/2.5/3/4/5/6mm
Measurement System Metric