Black Evo MP-1 Master Link Plyers


Evo MP-1 Master Link Pliers

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Discover the mastery behind every link with the Evo MP-1 Master Link Pliers. Engineered for precision and efficiency, these pliers are your go-to tool for effortlessly removing master or quick chain links, making chain maintenance and replacement a breeze. With compatibility spanning from 5-12 speed chains, the MP-1 is a versatile addition to any cyclist's toolkit. The spring-loaded design ensures quick and smooth operation, reducing effort and increasing accuracy. Meanwhile, the comfortable rubber-coated handles provide a superior grip, ensuring the tool remains firmly in hand during use. Elevate your maintenance game with the Evo MP-1, a tool truly fit for the cycling enthusiast.
  • For removal of master or quick chain links
  • Compatible with 5-12 speed chains
  • Spring loaded for ease of use
  • Comfortable rubber coated handles improves grip
Chain Compatibility 5-12 sp.