Evo Threaded 25g CO2 Cartridges

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Title:3 Pack
When you need rapid and efficient tire inflation on the go, turn to Evo Threaded 25g CO2 Cartridges. This 3-pack of threaded cartridges is designed to provide you with the convenience of instant tire inflation for your bike.

Each 25g cartridge delivers the power to inflate two road tires to a maximum of 90psi or one MTB tire to 41psi, ensuring you can get back on the road or trail quickly and effortlessly. The threaded design ensures secure attachment to your CO2 inflator, making the inflation process a breeze.

Whether you're a road cyclist aiming for swift tire inflation during a race or a mountain biker tackling challenging terrain, Evo Threaded 25g CO2 Cartridges are an essential addition to your cycling toolkit. With this 3-pack, you'll always have the means to achieve hassle-free tire inflation, so you can enjoy your ride without interruptions.
  • 25g threaded cartridges
  • Inflates 2 road tires to 90psi
  • Inflates 1 MTB tire to 41psi
Cartridge Weight 25g
Misc 3-Pack
Cartridge Type Threaded