Black Evo Triple Bicycle Rack Strap


Evo Triple Rack Bicycle Cargo Strap

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The Evo Triple Rack Bicycle Cargo Strap is your go-to solution for securing cargo to your bike's rack with ease and confidence. Crafted from soft, non-slip webbing material, this strap ensures a reliable grip on your cargo, preventing it from shifting or falling during your ride.

What sets this cargo strap apart is its triple-strap strength design, providing you with exceptional holding power to secure your cargo firmly in place. The double vinyl hooks at each end of the strap offer a secure and stable mounting option, ensuring your cargo stays put throughout your journey.

With a generous length of 24 inches, this strap is versatile and compatible with most cargo sizes and shapes, making it a versatile accessory for any cyclist. Whether you're commuting to work or embarking on a bikepacking adventure, the Evo Triple Rack Bicycle Cargo Strap will help you transport your gear safely and securely, making it an essential addition to your cycling toolkit.
  • Soft non-slip webbing material
  • Triple strap strength to hold down cargo
  • Double vinyl hooks for secure mounting
  • 24'' length will work with most racks
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