Evo Heavy Duty Bicycle Training Wheels


Evo Heavy Duty Training Wheels

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Elevate your child's biking confidence with the Evo Heavy Duty Training Wheels, meticulously designed to offer stability and assurance during their early cycling adventures. Suitable for wheel sizes ranging from 16'' to 20'', these training wheels ensure a versatile fit for various bike models. Built with chrome-plated steel wheels and robust steel brackets, they promise durability and resilience to withstand the wear and tear of youthful enthusiasm. The easy installation process means less downtime and more riding, while the adjustable nature ensures a tailored fit for optimum balance and support. Choose Evo's Heavy Duty Training Wheels to provide a safe and enjoyable learning experience for your budding cyclist.
  • Fit wheel sizes 16'' to 20''
  • Chrome-plated steel wheels
  • Heavy Duty steel brackets
  • Easy to install and adjust
Material Steel
Compatible Wheel Size 16'' to 20''
Primary Color Black