Black Evo Supergrip Vibration Absorbing Bicycle Bar Tape with End Plugs


Evo Supergrip Handle Bar Tape

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Elevate your cycling experience with Evo Supergrip Handle Bar Tape, designed to provide exceptional grip in all conditions. Crafted with a high-performance polymer, this bar tape offers superior control and confidence during your rides.

Not only does it excel in grip, but it also boasts excellent vibration and shock absorption properties, ensuring a comfortable and smooth ride, even on rough terrain. With a generous length of 210cm and a width of 3cm, it surpasses the competition, allowing you to cover your handlebars with ease. Plus, the included screw-on end plugs and flexible finishing tape make installation a breeze. Upgrade your bike with Evo Supergrip Handle Bar Tape and enjoy a new level of control and comfort on every journey.
  • Polymer providing exceptional grip in all conditions
  • Excellent vibration and shock absorption
  • 210cm x 3cm - longer than the competition
  • More flexible finishing tape
  • Screw-on end plugs included
Primary Color Black
Color Black
Tape Length 2100mm
Bar Tape Material Polymer