Black Evo Wrest™ Up Ergo Slide On Bicycle Grip
Evo Wrest™ Up Ergo Slide On Bicycle Grip Integrated End Plugs
Evo Wrest™ Up Ergo Slide On Bicycle Grip


Evo Wrest Ergonomic Bicycle Grip

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Designed for the modern cyclist, the Evo Wrest Ergonomic Bicycle Grip is the epitome of form meets function. Crafted from soft Kraton rubber, this grip offers a blend of comfort and durability, ensuring a pleasant touch and long-lasting use. Its unique ergonomic design includes a specially contoured palm rest, significantly reducing hand fatigue and offering riders enhanced comfort, especially during prolonged journeys. With a length of 132mm, it suits a variety of hand sizes, ensuring an optimal grip. Simplifying the installation process, the grip features an easy-install, slip-on design, enabling cyclists to equip their bicycles swiftly and without hassle. Additionally, the integrated end plugs add a touch of refinement to the design, safeguarding handlebar ends from dirt ingress and providing a neat finish. Whether it's for daily commuting or adventurous escapades, the Evo Wrest Ergonomic Bicycle Grip promises a comfortable and secure grip, making every ride a joy.
  • Easy-install, slip-on design
  • Soft Kraton rubber construction
  • Ergonomic palm rest for enhanced comfort
  • Integrated end plugs
  • 132mm
Ergonomic Yes
Handlebar Diameter 22.2mm
Primary Color Black
Outer Diameter Tapered
Color Black
Grip Type Regular
Grip Length 132mm