Black Evo Gripper City Slide On Grip
Black Pair of 2 Evo Gripper City Slide On Grip


Evo Gripper City Foam Bicycle Grip

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SKU: 670608-01
Experience a comfortable grip with the Evo Gripper City Foam Bicycle Grip, designed explicitly for urban cyclists who prioritize both form and function. With its unique lightweight, closed-cell foam construction, these grips ensure optimal hand support, reducing fatigue during those prolonged city rides. Their ergonomic profile fits naturally in the palm, ensuring you maintain a steady hold even in bustling city conditions. Forget the hassle of tools; the slip-on design ensures a breeze-like, tool-free installation, letting you spend more time riding and less time tinkering. Measuring 125mm in length, these grips are tailored for most urban bike handlebars. And with matching end plugs included, the Evo Gripper City Foam Grip doesn't just enhance performance—it elevates the aesthetics of your bike. Choose the Evo Gripper for a seamless blend of comfort, style, and convenience.
  • Slip-on for tool-free installation
  • Lightweight, closed-cell foam construction
  • Ergonomic profile with bar plugs
  • Matching end plugs included
  • 125mm
Grip Type Regular
Color Black
Grip Length 125mm
Handlebar Diameter 22.2mm
Outer Diameter Tapered
Ergonomic No
Primary Color Black