Evo Camera/Light Helmet Mount
Evo Camera/Light Helmet Mount
Evo Camera/Light Helmet Mount


Evo Camera/Light Helmet Mount

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Elevate your cycling adventures with the Evo Camera/Light Helmet Mount, designed for versatile adaptability. This universal helmet mount seamlessly attaches to vented helmets, ensuring compatibility across a range of designs. With adjustable straps, achieve a secure and snug fit that stays put even during the most rugged rides. The package includes an action camera strap mount, a handy thumbscrew, and a 1/4 twist light adapter, catering to both your filming and lighting needs. Specifically tailored for the Evo NiteBright 900 and Evo NiteBright500, this mount ensures optimal positioning, capturing your rides in perfect light and angle. Whether you're illuminating your path or capturing the thrill of the trail, the Evo Camera/Light Helmet Mount is your perfect companion.
  • Universal helmet mount attaches to vented helmets
  • Adjustable straps for secure fit
  • Includes action camera strap mount, thumbscrew and 1/4 twist light adapter
Misc For use with NiteBright 900 and 500