Evo Tenpoint Nylon Platform Pedal
Evo Tenpoint Nylon Platform Pedal


Evo Tenpoint Nylon Platform Pedal

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For avid off-road cyclists and trail enthusiasts, the Evo Tenpoint Nylon Platform Pedal is a perfect blend of durability, stability, and traction. Built to withstand the challenges of the most rugged terrains, this pedal promises a riding experience that's both safe and performance-driven.

Constructed from rugged nylon, this pedal is designed to weather tough trails, rocky terrains, and challenging rides without compromising its structural integrity. It's sturdy and durable, ensuring longevity and reliability in all conditions. The large 106x100mm platform size offers superior stability, providing riders with a wider area for foot placement, thereby enhancing control and confidence during aggressive maneuvers.

The concave design of the platform ensures that the foot sits perfectly on the pedal, giving riders a better pedal feel and control. The 10 molded traction pins further elevate the grip level, ensuring that regardless of wet, muddy, or dusty conditions, the foot remains securely positioned on the pedal.

Incorporated with a Cro-Mo steel axle fitted with a 9/16'' spindle, the Evo Tenpoint Nylon Platform Pedal promises durability and can handle substantial weight and pressure. Additionally, the sealed bearing coupled with the DU bushing results in a smoother pedal rotation, minimizing friction and maximizing efficiency.

Key Attributes:

- **Pedals Thread:** Built with a 9/16'' threading, ensuring compatibility with most bikes.
- **Pedal Bearing:** The sealed cartridge design keeps out debris and ensures a smooth and consistent pedal feel.
- **Pedal Material:** Crafted from rugged nylon, designed for durability and toughness.
- **Pedal Dimensions:** Generously sized at 106mm x 100mm, ensuring enhanced stability.
- **Spindle Material:** Made from high-quality Cr-Mo, guaranteeing long-lasting performance.

For those seeking a combination of performance, durability, and superior traction in a pedal, the Evo Tenpoint Nylon Platform Pedal stands as an outstanding choice. Whether you're an adrenaline junkie or a weekend trail rider, this pedal is sure to elevate your riding experience.
  • Rugged nylon construction for the toughest trails
  • Large 106x100mm platform provides superior stability
  • Concave platform and 10 molded traction pins for reliable grip
  • Cro-Mo steel axle with 9/16'' spindle
  • Sealed bearing and DU bushing
Pedals Thread 9/16''
Pedal Bearing Sealed cartridge
Pedal Material Nylon
Pedal Dimensions 106mm x 100mm
Spindle Material Cr-Mo