Evo Tenacity Jr. Youth Mountain Bike Pedal

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Designed with the young trail blazers in mind, the Evo Tenacity Jr. Youth Mountain Bike Pedal ensures a reliable and confident pedal connection even on the roughest terrains. Built with a rugged nylon construction, this pedal can withstand the challenges of aggressive mountain biking, assuring durability and longevity. The smaller 90x90mm platform is tailored to accommodate the smaller feet of youth riders while ensuring optimal contact and comfort. To enhance grip, the pedal boasts a concave platform shape combined with 6 replaceable threaded steel traction pins on each side. These features, together with the Cro-Mo steel axle with a 9/16'' spindle, ensure tenacious grip, stability, and strength. The inclusion of a sealed bearing and DU bushing speaks to the pedal's quality, promising a smooth rotation and minimized maintenance. With dimensions of 92mm x 90mm, the Evo Tenacity Jr. is the ideal pedal choice for young mountain biking enthusiasts aiming for peak performance.
  • Rugged nylon construction for the toughest trails
  • Smaller 90x90mm platform for smaller feet
  • Concave platform and grip pins offer tenacious grip
  • 6 replaceable threaded steel traction pins per side
  • Cro-Mo steel axle with 9/16'' spindle
  • Sealed bearing and DU bushing
Pedal Material Nylon
Spindle Material Cr-Mo
Pedal Bearing Sealed cartridge
Pedal Dimensions 92mm x 90mm
Pedals Thread 9/16''
Primary Color Black