Black Evo Toe Clips and Straps


Evo Bicycle Toe Clips and Strap Combo

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Elevate your cycling experience with the Evo Bicycle Toe Clips and Strap Combo. This combination provides you with the perfect blend of efficiency and control for your rides.

The double tongue resin toe-clips offer excellent foot retention, allowing you to transfer power effectively to your pedals. Paired with the nylon straps featuring durable steel buckles, your feet will stay securely in place throughout your journey. This combination ensures a snug and comfortable fit, enhancing your pedal stroke efficiency.

Whether you're commuting through the city or enjoying a leisurely ride, the Evo Bicycle Toe Clips and Strap Combo are designed to enhance your cycling experience. Enjoy the benefits of improved pedal control and a smoother ride with this reliable and affordable accessory.
  • Double tongue resin toe-clips
  • Nylon straps with steel buckles
Material Nylon
Toe-Clip Size L
Primary Color Black