Evo Reflective Bicycle Commuter Pants Clip

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The Evo Reflective Bicycle Commuter Pants Clip is an essential accessory for urban riders and daily commuters. Crafted from rigid ABS plastic, these clips are both durable and lightweight, ensuring longevity and ease of use. But it's not just about function - safety is paramount. With a covering of Microlite, these clips provide enhanced visibility, ensuring that cyclists are seen by motorists, even in low-light conditions. Whether you're riding at dawn, dusk, or in the night, these clips not only keep your pants from getting tangled in the chain but also significantly increase your visibility on the road. Sold in pairs, the Evo Reflective Pants Clip is a simple yet effective tool for every safety-conscious cyclist.
  • Made of rigid plastic (ABS)
  • Covered with Microlite for increased security
  • Sold in pairs