Evo Force Linear Pull Brake

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SKU: 180802-01
Enhance your bike's braking performance with the Evo Force Linear Pull Brake. Crafted with precision, these brakes feature a robust 110mm forged alloy arm construction, ensuring durability and reliability on every ride. Compatible with both Linear Pull and V-Brake setups, they offer versatility to suit various bike configurations. The curved arm design effortlessly clears fenders, allowing for smooth and obstruction-free braking. With 60mm angle-adjust threaded post pads and convenient hex head spring and pad adjustments, these brakes provide the flexibility and control you need to fine-tune your stopping power for optimal safety and performance.  Suitable for use in front or rear position on bicycle.
  • 110mm Forged alloy arm construction
  • Linear Pull or V-Brake Compatible
  • Curved arm to clear fenders
  • 60mm angle adjust threaded post pads
  • Hex head spring and pad adjustments
Brake Weight 180g
Brake Material Aluminum
Brake Type V-Brake
Position Front or Rear
Primary Color Silver
Pad Type 60mm