Evo Ride Ready Tubeless Tire Plug Kit

Sale price$19.99
SKU: 030222-01
Never let a puncture halt your adventure again. Introducing the Evo Ride Ready Tubeless Tire Plug Kit—a swift, efficient solution for those unexpected tire mishaps. Designed to be lightweight and effortlessly portable, this kit ensures you're always prepared. Within the sleek integrated alloy case, you'll find two specialized tools: a tire reamer to prepare the puncture and a tire fork to ensure the perfect plug fit. Ideal for mountain bike enthusiasts, the kit also includes 10 durable plugs to seal any breaches swiftly. With the Evo Ride Ready Kit, you're not just ready to ride, but to conquer any obstacle in your path.
  • Lightweight and convenient tubeless plug kit
  • Includes two tools—a tire reamer and a tire fork perfect for mountain bike tires.
  • Integrated alloy case includes 10 plugs