Glueless Patch Kit


Evo Glueless Bicycle Tube Patch Kit

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SKU: 030194-01
Title:6 Pack
Get back on the road swiftly with the Evo Glueless Bicycle Tube Patch Kit. Designed for the rider on-the-go, this kit includes six self-adhesive patches, each measuring 25mm, ensuring you're prepared for any puncture scenario. The included sandpaper ensures optimal adhesion by allowing you to easily scuff up the tube surface, maximizing the effectiveness of the patches. Say goodbye to messy glues and prolonged downtimes; with this patch kit, it's as simple as peel, stick, and ride. All packed into a compact and durable plastic case, it's an essential companion for every ride, ensuring you're never left stranded.
  • Includes 6 self-adhesive patches (25mm) and sand paper to scuff the tube surface for proper adhesion
  • Suitable for all kinds of punctures
  • Convenient plastic case is compact and easy to carry on every ride
  • No glue needed