Evo Hoxie Comfort Cruiser Tire

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Title:24''x2.125, Black
Cruise in comfort and style with the Evo Hoxie Comfort Cruiser Tire. Crafted with a long-lasting, high-quality rubber compound, this tire is designed to stand the test of time. Its continuous center tread ensures a smooth and enjoyable ride, making it ideal for leisurely rides around town or along scenic paths. The tightly spaced, graduated knobs not only enhance comfort but also provide reliable traction, giving you the confidence to explore various terrains. Whether you're commuting, leisure riding, or simply enjoying the journey, the Evo Hoxie Comfort Cruiser Tire is your trusted companion for a comfortable and smooth ride.
  • Long-lasting, high-quality rubber compound
  • Continuous center tread for a smooth ride
  • Tighly spaced, graduated knobs for enhanced comfort
Tire Type Clincher
Tire Width Range 1.90 - 2.25
Tire PSI 40
e-Bike approved Yes
Tire Width 2.125
Bead Wire