Evo Stafford Hybrid Bicycle Tire

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Title:700x45C, Black
The Evo Stafford Hybrid Bicycle Tire is an embodiment of versatility and durability, designed specifically for riders who journey through varied terrains. Engineered using a fast-rolling and long-lasting rubber compound, it ensures both optimal performance and impressive durability. The tire's continuous center tread is a distinct feature, promising a consistently smooth and efficient ride, making those longer journeys more pleasurable.

But it's not just about cruising smoothly. The tire also boasts directional siping. This means that on days when the weather is less than ideal, riders can have confidence in their tire's ability to grip wet pavement, enhancing safety and handling when it matters most.

In terms of technical attributes, the Evo Stafford is tailored for 700C/622 wheel diameters. With a 27TPI (threads per inch) construction, the tire strikes a balance between flexibility and puncture resistance. As a clincher tire type, it's designed for easy installation and maintenance and is securely held onto the rim with a wire bead. Lastly, its sleek black finish not only provides a touch of style but ensures it can seamlessly blend with almost any bicycle design. In summary, the Evo Stafford Hybrid Bicycle Tire is the go-to choice for those looking for a reliable and efficient tire for their hybrid bikes.
  • Fast rolling, durable compound
  • Continuous center tread for a smooth ride
  • Directional siping for enhanced traction on wet pavement
e-Bike approved No
Bead Wire
Tire Diameter/ISO 700C/622
Primary Color Black
Tire Type Clincher