Evo Recurve Road Bike Tire

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Title:700x28C, Black
The Evo Recurve Road Bike Tire is a meticulously designed tire for the avid road cyclist seeking both durability and performance. Constructed from a long-lasting, high-quality rubber compound, it promises to endure countless miles on the asphalt, ensuring longevity and value for money. One of the standout features of the Recurve is the center tread siping, which has been specially designed to amplify traction on wet roads, ensuring safety and confidence, regardless of the weather conditions.

When it comes to specifications, the Evo Recurve is built to fit 700C/622 wheel diameters, with a width of 28C, which positions it ideally within the 18-29 width range. The tire can be inflated up to a maximum pressure of 70 PSI, offering a balance between rolling efficiency and comfort. With a 27TPI (threads per inch) construction, the tire provides a blend of puncture resistance and suppleness.

Designed as a clincher tire, the Recurve is compatible with the majority of road bike rims and is held securely in place by its robust wire bead. It comes in a sleek black hue, perfectly complementing most bike color schemes. The labeled size, 700x28C, makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a blend of speed and comfort for their road adventures.
  • Long-lasting, high-quality rubber compound
  • Center tread siping for enhanced wet road traction
Tire Diameter/ISO 700C/622
Tire Width 28C
Tire PSI 70
Tire Width Range 18 - 29
Tire Type Clincher
e-Bike approved Yes
Bead Wire
Primary Color Black
Labeled Size 700x28C