Evo Stance Road Bike Tire

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The Evo Stance Road Bike Tire is meticulously crafted for avid road cyclists seeking an edge in performance and longevity. A testament to superior engineering, it features low rolling resistance, ensuring that cyclists can achieve top speeds with minimal effort. This low resistance, coupled with a robust design, also ensures extended tread life, making it a cost-effective choice for those covering vast distances.

One of the tire's standout features is its advanced siping tread design. This offers unparalleled traction on wet roads, a critical requirement for those who don't let unpredictable weather impede their cycling adventures. Furthermore, with a continuous center tread, riders are guaranteed a ride that's as smooth as it is efficient, providing consistent performance across various road conditions.

On the technical side, the Evo Stance Road Bike Tire fits wheel diameters of 700C/622 and is constructed with a 27TPI (threads per inch) design, which balances flexibility and durability. The clincher type means that it's user-friendly, ideal for those who prefer easy tire installation and maintenance. The tire is anchored firmly to the rim via a wire bead, ensuring safety and stability during rides. The sleek black color not only imparts a touch of sophistication but also complements the aesthetics of most road bikes.

All in all, for those in pursuit of a reliable, durable, and performance-driven tire for their road bikes, the Evo Stance Road Bike Tire is a formidable contender.
  • Low rolling resistence with long tread life
  • Advanced siping tread design for enhanced wet road traction
  • Continuous center tread for smooth riding
e-Bike approved Yes
Bead Wire
Primary Color Black
Tire Diameter/ISO 700C/622
Tire Type Clincher
Tire Width Range 18 - 29