Black Evo Mosey Recreational Bicycle Tire
Tread on Black Evo Mosey Recreational Bicycle Tire


Evo Mosey 20" Bicycle Tire

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Elevate your cycling experience with the Evo Mosey 20" Bicycle Tire, crafted for those who demand both performance and longevity. Meticulously designed with a high-quality rubber compound, this tire promises durability that stands the test of time and countless terrains. The continuous center tread ensures a silky-smooth ride, while the tightly spaced, graduated knobs deliver unparalleled comfort and enhanced traction. Tailored to fit as a clincher, the Evo Mosey boasts a tire width of 1.75", making it an ideal choice for those seeking a tire that effortlessly combines efficiency with the sheer joy of riding. Transform your rides into journeys of unmatched comfort and stability with the Evo Mosey.
  • Long-lasting, high-quality rubber compound
  • Continuous center tread for a smooth ride
  • Tightly spaced, graduated knobs for enhanced comfort
Tire Type Clincher
Tire Width 1.75
e-Bike approved Yes
Tire Width Range 1.00 - 1.85
Primary Color Black
Bead Wire