Black Evo Triple Bicycle Rack Strap

Evo Triple Bicycle Rack Strap

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The Evo Triple Bicycle Rack Strap is an essential accessory for any cyclist who frequently transports cargo on their bike rack. The strap features a soft non-slip webbing material and triple strap strength to ensure your cargo is held down securely. The double vinyl hooks provide a secure mount to your bike rack and prevent any slipping or sliding during transport. Measuring 24'' in length, this strap is suitable for use with most racks and can be easily adjusted to accommodate various sizes of cargo. The Evo Triple Bicycle Rack Strap is a simple yet effective solution for keeping your cargo secure during transportation, whether you're commuting to work or embarking on a long-distance bike tour.
  • Soft non-slip webbing material
  • Triple strap strength to hold down cargo
  • Double vinyl hooks for secure mounting
  • 24'' length will work with most racks

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