Evo Rock Ridge 16 Kids Bike

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Introducing the Evo Rock Ridge 16 Kids Bike: Unleash Your Child's Mountain Biking Spirit!

The Evo Rock Ridge 16 Kids Bike is designed to provide young riders with an exciting and confidence-building introduction to mountain biking. With its MTB-style cockpit and exceptional features, this bike is the perfect choice for little adventurers ready to tackle the trails.

Featuring an alloy frame, the Evo Rock Ridge provides the perfect combination of durability and lightweight construction. It can withstand the demands of off-road riding while keeping the bike easy to maneuver for young riders. Let your child ride with confidence, knowing their bike is built to last.

Equipped with 16-inch wheels, this bike strikes a perfect balance between stability and agility. The larger wheels provide a smoother ride over uneven terrain, while still allowing young riders to navigate tight turns and twists with ease.

Safety is our utmost priority, which is why the Evo Rock Ridge 16 Kids Bike features both coaster brakes and a rear hand brake. The coaster brakes offer intuitive stopping power, while the rear hand brake gives riders an additional level of control. This dual braking system ensures that young riders can stop safely and confidently.

For added stability and support, the Evo Rock Ridge comes with training wheels. These removable wheels allow young riders to gradually build their balance and coordination skills before transitioning to riding without training wheels. It's the perfect way to build confidence and ensure a smooth progression.

With its MTB-style cockpit, this bike provides a comfortable and ergonomic riding position. Your child will feel like a real mountain biker as they explore new trails and tackle exciting challenges. It's the ultimate bike for inspiring a love for off-road riding.

Get your child started on their mountain biking adventure with the Evo Rock Ridge 16 Kids Bike. With its alloy frame, coaster brakes, rear hand brake, 16-inch wheels, and training wheels, this bike is the perfect companion for young riders eager to hit the trails. Order yours today and watch their skills and confidence soar!
  • MTB style cockpit
  • Alloy frame
  • Coaster brakes and a rear hand brake
  • 16'' wheels
  • Training wheels