Bikes - EVO

Nearly all bikes come with wheels and handlebars. But, not all bikes are created equally. EVO bikes are right-priced, quality bike shop level bikes that won’t make you choose between one of them and your guitar lessons.

From kids bikes to free-wheelin’ cruisers, hybrids and balloon-tire fat bikes, we have a bike that’s right for you.


Navigate your city in style on a chic city bike. Ride it to work, to the market or to the local coffee shop – hip pants and shoes may be required.


Who says you shouldn’t be comfortable when you’re exercising? An easy-riding comfort bike is your ticket to miles of carefree fun!


To Noodle on a bike is to slow down, to meander and to enjoy the world around you from the seat of your bike. Sound like you – choose a cruiser.

Dual Sport

If you’re a fan of multi-purpose tools, then a dual-sport might be the next tool in your garage. From paved paths to light off-road trails, a dual-sport lets you go where you want to go.


Does ever-changing terrain, roots, rocks and dirt sound like fun? Hit the trails on a fun-maximizing Fat-tire mountain bike.


The ever popular Fitness bike does it all. From fast-paced workouts to casual neighborhood riding. It’s a capable commuter, too.


If quick handling and speed are your thing, a road bike might just be your ticket to fly.


Feel the freedom of three-wheelin’ fun on an adult trike. Use it for exercise, use it to get to the store – good balance not required.

Urban Adventure

Coffee, tight pants and wayfarer glasses? Urban adventure bikes are tight-turning, quick and very high on the fun factor.


For kids, a bike quite literally equals freedom, fun and confidence. From toddlers to pre-teens there’s a kids bike for every age.